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Black Creek Music has been providing amazing entertainment experiences for over a decade now. Being a musician, Jordan Gawley began providing DJ service and learned the art of the DJ on his own. This provided a fresh new approach to what the DJ’s role was at an event. Jordans passion for music and unique approach to creating an experience based on what the client wanted, led him on a journey he could not of expected. Working with Mark Farrell and Rebecca Farrell across North America learning the true importance of the Master of Ceremony, participating in the Entertainment Experience with Bill Herman, attending Mobile Beat DJ Shows in Las Vegas, training with the best DJs in North America and also becoming a certified Wedding Planner are just some of the reasons Black Creek Music provides an experience that has their named Trusted and In Demand.

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Black Creek Music has taken pride in bringing together Southern Ontario’s best talent. The talented DJs have a passion for people, music and learning to become better entertainers. With a client first approach to the art, our team learns what your vision is at your event and gently guides the process to ensure your event is the best it can be. Creating moments and making memories…. that’s our dream, weekend after weekend.

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